Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program

The Amelia Earhart Fellowship was established in 1938 in honour of famed pilot and Zontian Amelia Earhart. The US$10,000 Fellowship is awarded annually to 35 women pursuing Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace related-sciences/engineering.

Since the inception of the program in 1938, Zonta has awarded over 1500 Fellowships, totalling almost US$10 million to women in 70 countries.


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The deadline for applications to 2017 Amelia Earhart Fellowship program is passed and information about the 2018 Fellowship will be posted as soon as available. The deadline is always in November so there is plenty of time to prepare promotion of the fellowship.

You will find the application form here 

District 29 has been very successful with the Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program over the years and since 2004, we have received 40 fellowships in our District, divided as follows:

Area 1: 7 fellowships
Area 2: 5 fellowships
Area 3: 25 fellowships
Area 4: 3 fellowships

There are many universities in Europe with departments in aeronautical engineering and sciences. This list with universities where former fellows have studied will give you useful information where possible applicants are to be found. 

Take the opportunity to promote the fellowship at the university nearest to you. Ask them to advertise the Amelia Earhart Fellowship visibly at the University. The new poster for 2018 applications will be available towards the middle of 2017.

Applications should be received by 15 November 2017. In the meantime, this is the 2017 poster.

Until the new poster for 2018 becomes available, there is plenty of other material on the website to send to universities to promote the fellowship. This link will give you a lot of information about former fellows. 

When promoting the fellowship it is important to recognize all the new fellows. This can be done by arranging an event where the fellow is celebrated and receiving her diploma and pin from the hands of the Governor or another Zonta leader.

This is much appreciated by the fellows and creates a good opportunity to network with former fellows who should be invited and given an opportunity to meet the new addition to their group. Try to make the event a PR event and get some local press to write about it.

Read more about the Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship Program here

Contact + Committee 2016 – 2018

If you have any questions or need assistance, you are welcome to contact me under the below contact details.

Britt Gustawsson, Chairman Amelia Earhart District Committee

M: +44 07768 351 254
T: @brittgustawsson
Skype: Britt.gustawsson

Information about the Amelia Earhart Fellowship and Applications at Zonta International