Profile and Committee

What is it about ?

An excellent ZI program linking ambitious ZI goals to District and local club activity increasing visibility and concrete support of young women in business studies.

District 29 has been successful during the last years with an increasing number of applicants and numerous winners of our awardees on the ZI level.

The JMK committee gathers club applications, gives help to clubs as to criteria, strategy and communication as an encouraging link between ZI and club level.

Each year the committee evaluates the incoming applications according to the ZI standards and finds a District winner for the District prize (1000 $). This applicant has the chance to win one of the 12 ZI JMK scholarships (7000 $).

JMK committee members 2016 – 18
  • Cornelia Zemskéris, ZC Paris Etoile,  chair
  • Nicole Herb, ZC Paris III, Area 1
  • Saskia Möckel, ZC Dortmund, Area 2
  • Laura Bode, ZC Essen I, Area 2
  • Andrea Talkenberg, ZC London I, Area 3
  • Christel Meijerman, ZC Utrecht, Area 4
Goals, objectives and challenges

The committee may be completed by a member of the UK in order to cover all District areas.
Most members have had experience from the previous the biennium which is a strengthening element for the evaluation process.
The committee will work as a team, trying to improve

  • Communication  among  each other and with clubs in the areas
  • The efficiency of the evaluation procedure within the team
  • The chances of our District candidates by respecting the ZI criteria and practices
  • The engagement of our clubs  for  the JMK award

The encouragement of new clubs to make the JMK scholarship known in their towns and regions will be one of the priorities. It is possible to use or intensify university contacts of club members in order to make the JMK award better known and it is not necessary to give a club prize in order to name a candidate to the District committee.

As all ZI awards, JMK increases Zonta’s visibility in the club’s region and assures an efficient Zonta work without too much effort and the possibility to meet exceptional young women.

The committee wishes to meet once a year in order to exchange prior experiences and find a harmonious and efficient way of cooperation for the biennium.

During the biennium and especially during the period of selection of candidates,  skype, mail and telephone will be sufficient means of communication.

So far 441 scholarships have been attributed by Zonta on International and District level. Our District 29 has been increasingly active and successful with numerous candidates from all areas during the last years and several ZI awards for our District awardees.

More, well qualified candidates, more clubs communicating the JMK scholarship to universities in their region and the necessary help of District committee members for demanding clubs will make the JMK award more visible and interesting in our District!


For more information please contact:

Cornelia Zemskeris, Jane M. Klausmann Committee Chairman

Informations about Applications at Zonta International