According to our International Bylaws, candidates for the various District offices must be presented and elected during next District 29 conference in Dortmund, Germany from October 6th  to October 8th, 2017.

The following positions have to be filled:
1.    Governor
2.    Lieutenant Governor
3.    Treasurer
4.    3 District Nominating Committee members (5 nominations needed)
5.    2 Auditors (for checking the accounts at the end of the biennium)

We, the members of the District 29 Nominating committee, ask for your assistance in finding candidates for the above vacancies. We need your help for finding enthusiastic and capable Zontians for office in the district next biennium (2018-2020).

DISTRICT 29 - Nominating Committee     
MARIJKE JONGBLOED, (chairman) ZC Utrecht;
SABINE GÄTJEN, ZC Bielefeld;