Tasks and Intentions of the CAC-,  CSW- and Historian / Archives Committee

The three fields of the Centennial Anniversary activities, the histories of the district and the clubs and possible impacts on programs of today in the framework of D29 as well as the participation in the UN-Committee of Status of Women activities is an integrated wide spread as well as an extraordinary important field of women’s strategic concerns. They are not separate committee topics as in other district committees with sectoral responsibilities.

The Centennial Anniversary has a strong relation to women’s rights topics, and therefore a lot of activities in the year 2019 will be celebrating the 100 years of successful existence of ZONTA International. A strong relation to the work of the Status of Women Committee of the UN, where the international community tries to advance the status of women – the main objective of ZONTA International.

ZONTA and the hundred years of national and international engagement, expressed in an exciting history, shows, that continuity and a sustainable following to common goals of respect, inclusiveness, friendship and a high standard in business and profession, is as modern as 100 years ago.

So the intention is to inspire the clubs to think about the long way of changing, to discuss transformation, to develop strategies in being successful on the way of advancing the status of women – local as well as international.

This might be done through activities in participation in legal processes, but as well in charity approaches or in offering the professional expertise of our members. At the same time we should continue in supporting young women on their way of developing female qualities in cooperation of male as well as female leadership in important up to now unusual positions.

Goals like these might be reached by supporting UN Women and the UN in their efforts, but as will in small local projects where the SDG’s are explained and brought to reality, in school projects or initiatives at universities. The horizon is open and challenging – let us begin in our clubs, and think about these international themes and approaches. There is a huge number of variety to be active in these fields in the clubs, and the committee would appreciate to get knowledge how clubs think about these international themes and approaches.

The D29 committee will be glad to assist programs, projects or events or other wanted common activities on district- and club-level. Sometimes the needed capacity is too big for one club, so cooperation is wanted. The committee is ready to develop ways and chances to realize necessary steps.

My intention as chairperson is to ask the clubs about their approach and intended activities and assist them in communication and strategic thinking.

Please contact me with your intention, your dreams and your hopes, but as well with your frustration and disappointment. This is the beginning of a new inspiration.

Irene Wiese-von-Ofen
ZC Essen I Area 02