To get involved into Zonta means also to get experienced in Leadership

Zonta needs Zontians who are willing to lead a Committee, a Club or even to take a role in the Area or the District.

© Zonta InternationalTo get involved into a leading role also means to be a very lively and active part of Zonta. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about leadership in Zonta, to get involved into a lot of Zonta Issues and – finally – to grow in your own personality.

Leadership Tips

Tip No 1: Ask a further president of your Club for giving advice. Maybe she will be glad to share her experience with you, reflecting her time as president and giving you minds for your own action.

Tip No 2: Have a look at the library or the book store for a book with a title like: „How to lead a group“. You will recognize a lot of themes, that you can watch in your club.“

PDF | To become a Club President

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Zonta International District 29

The D29 Leadership Committee

Zonta International District 29 | Foto: privateChair: Barbara Manschmidt | ZC Bielefeld | Area 05