9th European Interdistrict Zonta Seminar | Frankfurt/M, Germany

Friday, April 28, 2023 to Sunday, April 30, 2023

Location: Conference Centre "Ev. Akademie” Römerberg 9, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Update December 2022

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Women and Finance – between Challenges and Chances

Set in the finance metropole of Germany, this 9th European Inter-District Seminar in Frankfurt am Main aims to explore a wide variety of financial questions relevant to women, NGOs and society in tomorrow's digital world.

Frankfurt offers the unique combination of a high-tech finance environment deeply embedded in one of Germany's oldest cities with a rich history in architecture, art and trade.

Join us for a weekend of inspiring panel discussions and workshops with female entrepreneurs and leaders at the edge of a new digital era. Explore with us the challenges and chances posed by the world of finance to women and society seeking a sustainable future.


  • Starts from: 1 December 2022
  • Early Bird Registration - until 15 February 2023: 85 Euro
  • Registration after 15 February: 100 Euro
  • Registration Alumnae and Golden Z: 50 Euro

Programme and workshop topics

To be announced - including:

Session 1 | Workshop 1 | Securing women's rights. International standards - achievements and gaps at national level

The workshop will highlight the international standards on human and social rights and will describe how the measures are implemented in the European countrys.

The questions "are there standards comparable for all European countries" will be discussed.


  • Dr. Ingeburg Geyer | ZC Vienna/D14, ZI Representative at the UN Vienna
  • Anita Schmelzer-Spranger | ZC Mainz/D28, ZI Representative at the Council of Europe
  • Host: Irma Ertman, ZC Helsinki II/D20, Former Ambassador of Finland at the ZI Council of Europe

The attendence is unlimited.

Session 2 | Workshop 6 | Fundraising in challenging times - new ideas and best practices

The Workshop aims at discussing the different fundraising instruments such as mailings, major giving or sponsoring.

The Participations will see that fundraising can be much more than event fundraising.

Host and Speaker: n.n.

The attendence is limited

Burning Questions | With ZI President Ute Scholz, D29
  • Ute Scholz | D29 | ZI International President
  • Salla Tuominen | D20 | President elect
  • Fernanda Gallo-Freschi | D28 | ZI Vice President

Organized by team - D28 | https://www.zontadistrict28.org

Zonta International District 29