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To recognize the commitment of young women, ages 16-19, in schools or other educational institutions in their honorary capacity for common welfare, this award was founded in 1990. It was designed to not only honor the recipients but also to help them to find ways for their future professional career.

Since the program's inception, Zonta has given 804 awards (includes international awards), totaling US$764,750, to 692 young women representing 54 countries.

NEWS for the YWPA application 2021

"There are a few editorial changes to the application form, being the value of the international awards is now US$5,000.00 (page 2), there is a new table on page 7 for the applicants to list the details for their referees and a note on pages 8&9 that while the recommendation may be  written on letterhead of their choice they must sign the relevant page on the application form.” Janet Hope, YWPA international chair 2020 - 2022

  • Applications have to be submitted through a Zonta club
  • The application on district level has to be written in English and is due on April 1st 2022. Please mail the application form as a pdf file to Susanne Wedewer-Pampus.
  • For more information about the district 29 YWPA application form and other materials please click here.

YWPA district 29 committee members 2020 - 2022

  • Susanne Wedewer-Pampus (district 29 chair 2020-2022), Zonta Club Leverkusen, Germany 

  • Julia Nolte, Zonta Club Niederrhein, Germany  

  • Monique Vernet, Zonta Club Paris, France

  • Rosemarijn de Groot, Zonta Club The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Alina Del Carmen Agüero Bruna, Spain

We all are trying our very best to find the district winner!

Our goal of course is to increase the number of clubs participating in this amazing award. We would love more clubs in France, Spain and the Netherlands to join us and help us make the YWPA award even more popular, even in these unusual times of unknown challenges!

We are really happy that we had an international YWPA winner this year: Anaika Chopra from London. Congratulations!

ZAC | Zonta Alumnae Connected

During our district conference in Groningen 2015 we had the first very successful Zonta International Alumnae network meeting. Meetings of ZAC (Zonta Awardees Connected) took place in Nice 2016 during our international convention, in Dortmund during our district conference 2017, in Tartu, Estonia during the European Interdistrict Seminar and in Eindhoven during our district conference 2019.

Our network is growing! So - receiving the YWPA award means to hold a ticket to the network of the Zonta alumnae in your hands and also one to the worldwide network of Zonta!

For more information about this amazing network and a way to join the LinkedIn group please contact your district 29 YWPA chair, Susanne Wedewer-Pampus. I am more than happy to answer your questions.


For more information please contact:

Susanne Wedewer-Pampus, chairwoman of YWPA Committee

Informations about Applications at Zonta International