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Award of the spanish clubs, Zonta Km 0 from Madrid and Zonta Andalucía from Malaga

Text & Contact: Maria de Gracia Rodriguesz Caderot

In the Spanish universities there are still significant gender gaps in several careers. In particular, this is the case in computer science studies, where currently women only represent 14% of the student body.

The purpose of the award is to recognize the academic results of outstanding students in the field of computer science who are currently studying a doctorate in computer science, to encourage their start in a research career and to create benchmarks for the new generations, thus reducing the gender gap.

This award was created by the Spanish clubs, Zonta Km 0 from Madrid and Zonta Andalucía from Malaga. Other sponsors were also attracted: the Spanish Computer Science Society (SCIE) and the company Sngular.

The Spanish Computer Science Society (SCIE) is a federation of scientific computer science associations and societies. Sngular is a company that has an expert team in different technological disciplines and sectors.

The prize includes an economic endowment of 1,000 Euros and two second prizes with an economic endowment of 750 Euros.

This is the second edition of the award and all the candidates had more than enough merit, both in their professional careers and in their participation in social activities to promote scientific-technological vocations among women.  On October 27, 2022, the award ceremony took place in Madrid in its second edition. The 2022 winners were Luna Jiménez Fernández, Claudia Álvarez Aparicio and Garazi Artola Balda.

We will use the network created for this award within Spanish universities, to disseminate the call for the Women in STEM scholarship.

Madrid Zontian Gracia Rodriguez Caderot between Luna Jiménez Fernández and Garazi Artola Balda, winners of the 2022 award together with Denisa Andreea Constantinescu winner of the 2021 on the left:

Zonta International District 29