Area 01 offers the 'Women in Business Award'  - Jane M. Klausman

Area 01 honours awardees with the 'Women in Bussiness Award', the only Area in District 29 for doing this. And the balance is excellent for our scholarship Women in Business - Jane M. Klausman: Since 1998 more than 700 scholarships were attributed on the District and International level.

Recently the rules changed and allow our big District to have two winners with two chances to win. 5.000 $ each from Zonta International and 1.000 euros from the District are distributed to now two winners a year.

This scholarship helps women to pursue their studies in the business field and thus overcome gender barriers

Many years ago  our Area01, North-West France, voted for a 1.000 euro award of the year’s best candidate from our Area behind the District winners. Almost every year there is thus one candidate to be « consoled » by our Area award when shed id not succeed to be District winner.

Area 01-winner of the 2022 Women in Business Scholarship

Zonta International District 29In 2022 it is Josefina Sonnerup, a brilliant Swedish student who is pursuing her studies in Paris and now Madrid with an amazingly creative profile of technical innovation experience. She was supported by the Zonta Club of Madrid km0 .

This award has been granted in a confidential way for years , we should however be proud to be the only Area in our District to give such a generous award. So talk about it and make Zonta visible!


Cornelia Zemskéris District 29 Women in Business JMK committee