Committee + Profile

Zonta International District 29

Why this initiative?

The goals of the Club Creator Committee are to:

  • create new clubs in our District
  • increase the (cultural and age) diversity of our organisation
  • work on Zonta’s sustainability for the future

How will we reach this?

Zonta International District 29Initially, the Club Creator Committee will start as a think tank. We will develop a smart strategy to reach our goal. Immediately after that we will get into action and organize quick wins on arealevel to generate visibility and a ‘new-club-embracing mindset’ among the existing clubs.

We will work closely together with the D29 Membership Committee and alumni of our Scholarships and Awards.

What will we do?

Joining the Club Creator Committee would mean that you operate on area level and inspire the clubs in your area to take steps toward a new Zontaclub in their region.

A new club can be:

  • an e-club,
  • an expertclub,
  • a golden Z club (students),
  • a Z club (high school age) or
  • any other club that is willing to dedicate time on our Zonta goals.

To form a strong and effective committee we look for (a minimum of) two members of every D29 area that will join the comittee. so they can work as a tandem or team of club creators on arealevel.

We will start as a committee by October the 1st.

I will be happy to serve as chair of the committee. It will be exciting to profit from the momentum of the 4th feminist wave that we have caused together and to let Zonta grow in size, effectiveness, inner strenght and visibility!

Together we will find the ways towards a colourful extension of our Zonta family.

The D29 Club Creator Committee

Zonta International District 29Chair: Christel Meijerman | Area Director 04 | ZC Utrecht