Profile and Committee

Status: work in progress | November 2022


Zonta International is part of the Liaison Committee in Official Partnership with UNESCO. There are 411 UNESCO official partner NGOs (65 of which are in association status and 346 in consultation status as ZONTA international.

Goals of the D29-UN-Committee

Goal is to continue our efforts to make ZONTA more active and representative with partners working alongside UNESCO to improve the delivery of our programmes, but also in the opposite direction, to bring to Zonta the multitude of information collected at UNESCO that can be used largely for our advocacy activities.

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The D29 UN Committee

Zonta International District 29

Chair: Lydia Chaillou | ZC Meaux et region | Area 01  |
ZI -UN Committee Member UNESCO Paris 2020 - 2024 | International Director 2016 2018 Zonta International and Zonta International Foundation



  • Elke Farny | ZC Paris Etoile | Area 01