New e-club benefits from Zonta scholarship programmes

The new e-club of the UK is up and running and our first tasks are to get to know more about Zonta and get to know more about our members.

Thank you to Britt Gustawsson for presenting on Zonta in advocacy and at CSW and the Amelia Earhart Fellowship; and Susanne von Bassewitz for presenting on Zonta’s international projects. Coming meetings will focus on Zonta says NO (violence against women), Zonta says NOW (climate change) and more on scholarships to come.

Zonta scholarship programmes as a key attraction point

During the establishment of the club, the Zonta scholarship programmes have been a key attraction point for many of our new members - our investment in women leaders of the future is a unique selling point and we should also be acting to ensure those women leaders of the future join with and promote Zonta.

Our e-club started in May with 14 members and have now welcomed five additional members bringing us to 19 passionate and enthusiastic women from a wide variety of professions - excitingly eight of these are young professionals.

We have members in the England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Australia. Three of our young women are Zonta scholarship alumni, building instant connections between our members and Zonta outcomes.

The three young women are:

  • Sophie Ryan a previous winner of Young Women in Public Affairs in Australia;
  • Nancy Salem, a recent winner of one of the pilot women in technology scholarships; and
  • Taiwo Shotunde - JMK business scholarship winner in 2022 - all currently based at Oxford.

We have already developed our elevator pitch which calls out scholarships as a key attribute and our members are geared up to get involved in promoting and participating in scholarship processes.  

“The Zonta e-club is a worldwide community of business and professional women. Our commitment is to be a force for change on gender equality and the education of women and girls. We have no boundaries and we promote global issues that will leave a legacy of more empowered women who can take advantage of scholarships and other opportunities. Our network works in partnership with global organisations such as the UN and we welcome more members who can contribute to advocacy and service projects, volunteering, and fundraising initiatives. We are a UK based e-club which anyone can join from anywhere.”